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You have fuckin issues, you homophobic, narrow minded, mental midget. Last year, a few days after she announced she was pregnant, Tina Fey did a book signing which I attended. Christine mcglade nude. Giorgio tsoukalos naked. Kellen Winslow lived down the street from me for awhile when I was young. Lemme guess, your camera-phone wasn't working that day, or there was increased solar activity, or you did take a picture but the flash wasn't working, or the aliens were too far away, or you didn't think of taking a picture, or I'll bet you believe out of the zillions of galaxies and planets in the "known" universe, this little speck of dust in the grand scheme of things is the only world to have life on it.

And I'm reluctant to use the term "thinking" here. These are just a few examples of how slow scientific theories are to change. He has no real career except pseudoscience and last I checked, he is meme on 9gag that makes fun of him. Is he as crazy in person as he seems on TV? What if all the idiots were removed from TV Tsoukalos is totally into being an Internet meme.

Are you kidding me the proof is all around us and has been for centuries unlike the mythological christian GOD which whom there now or ever has been any proof of exsisting people tend to believe in what they are taught as opposed to what is fact but intelligent open minded people see passed whats is seen as the only explenation of man kind and look beyond to all the proof that lies in front of us and realizes that there is something out there and it is a part of our exsistance wake up people we were not born of dust.

I watched a "famous medium" Sylvia Brown who does not deny that there are giants that helped build the Stonehenge. Yeah, why wouldn't I be? Keep doing your thing without bad mouthing everyone else.

My dad was visiting NY taking pictures and recording stuff. Beautiful skinny girls naked. No wonder Giorgio's hair is up Sad to see so many idiots who post here do not understand the scientific methodnor its usefulness vs wild guessing. A coin that doesn't reside in reality.

The footnotes reference originals and literature. Giorgio is not a scientist or a scholar. Dead or alive … he had to be on drugs too say the stupid things he thought people would believe.

Do you guys think Giorgio parties? Barely raised his voice to us ever, never showed any enthusiasm. Besides, its part of an American tradition, just like eating cats to the Koreans. This article doesn't exactly shed you in a very good light. It begain to move slowly, half way across the sky, then. I too got to this page by way of hair.

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Now its your personal mission and vendetta to try and be Tsoukalos adversary, except he's not playing ball is he.

I can't take this no more! Enter your email or username: He invited me and a friend to go to a strip club. We were in a shopping mall, and I guess I saw something that I wanted to toddle after, so I broke away from my mom and brother and plowed into Mr.

This is sort of hilarious depending on who I tell it to, but to this day it still pisses me off. Cum on latina ass. I know this website presents quality based content and additional material, is there any other website which offers these data in quality? I also believe in the hollow earth theory and if you want proof read about Olaf Jensen or Admiral Byrd.

I do find your point of view quite interesting and I'm looking forward to reading your book, Charioteer… As well as having read Erich von Daniken's, Chariots… I do enjoy a good debate, as to become well educated and to form our own opinions, we need to hear both sides.

The final point I'll make is in regards to a comment the author made about the SyFy channel "not being news," as he put it by asking two questions followed by my final statement.

Do I think aliens exist? Philosoraptor by teh Wild Kratts r cool. Giorgio tsoukalos naked. My husband and I also saw a silver sphere, like a BB in the sky!! While there are certainly stubborn, dogmatic types within the scientific community, they are hardly representatives of the critical thinker.

It seems that they just watch a documentary, one that is made in poor taste and not based on fact, and they believe it without question. I challenge you to be so entertaning. Mankind would not have been able to advance in thought or consciousness without asking the question, "what if"?

I'm watching them take a family picture. Granted, eventhough it doesn't seem very likely, it is not impossible. But his English is impeccable. I offer no means to prove my claims short of asking Mr. Lesbian english sex. Yup, that makes perfect sense.

Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. Trade winds and a boat you saythat's a viking fantasy novel. I did stumble upon the hair bundle once when we were moving, and it kinda creeped me out.

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I do not fully accept his vision, nor do I reject it. Love the new one too In search of Aliens Thanx again, Dude. In he claimed that he knew everyone was against him, but he knew he was right. Filter posts by subject:

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Life is too short to waste by spewing nasty comments and hatred…How do you all sleep at night? Just as there are still people who subscribe to the Moon Landing and Conspiracies, I think no amount of evidence or argument will persuade the die-hards. Love how Giorgio followers are barely literate morons with no concept of history and science.

Folks many millennia later took full advantage of what was left. InPaul Kane reported this story told by the local natives about a Wildmen cannibalistic tribe who live on the peak of Mount Everestwho feast on humanoids and chicken wings, drowned with soda pop. Nude pictures of native american women. At least ancient astronaut theory is an attempt to explain some of these while skeptics have one contribution to the arguments which only seems to be; that's crazy.

I wonder if Giorgio is friends with Bobo from " finding bigfoot". When asked about his thoughts on the Fermi Paradox which essentially asks the question: Stop making up shit… 12 kids? Bill A- I have seen these aliens before and they have told me everything the only way we can prove this theory wrong is when they show up and say they have never been here simple as that and if you ignorent pig would like to have a more in depth conversation about this then I would be happy to prove someone wrong once again.

I would just like to say in my 55 years on this planet I have seen some strange things, poltergeist activity and wild cats that apparently should not exist, I didn't seek these things out they just happened which I suppose lead to my mind being more open within reason.

His hair is wonderful.

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